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FAQ's Salon Owners

What is the advantage to becoming a Salon Pass Holder?

This pass is for the established salon owner that needs a little help, an "in between" of our full franchise. We understand you have taken the time to build YOUR salon name in your area, however, theProFiles brand can help you build/expand/increase clientele! We offer training and education you won’t find anywhere else. Along with a wide selection of products and marketing materials to help you become the best you can be. We can help you build a successful, PROFITABLE nail department! Let that extra space in your salon work FOR you, offering unique, one of a kind manicures & pedicures, to sparkly gel nails & toes, all the way to full design acrylic nails, that no one in your area is doing! Dont miss out on the clientele that IS going somewhere else for nails. We can help you hire, train, and retain nail staff. Booth renters OR commission. Get 'Powered By ProFiles' today, and start making more money!

What does it cost?
Membership is $250 per month. We accept debit and credit.
Why pay for ProFiles BackStage Pass?

The savings on products alone is worth it! Along with that is the recognition and consistency of the brand. But if that’s not enough to catch your interest then there is also the vast knowledge and experience of our team for you to “tap into” as well as, unlimited training and marketing materials. We also make sure that every Salon Pass Holder is advertised on our main website. Your monthly membership keeps you up on the trends.. always one step ahead of competing salons. Consider it maintenance of building your nail department! We have learned what it takes to keep a nail department running smoothly, and long term profitabilty. How to charge clients for extras, what to expect out of your nail staff timing wise, and technique-wise. acceptable perameters to help you keep it running smoothly. We have been doing it for 20 years, 5 salons and over 100 staff members with under 10% employee turnover. AGAIN... this equals LONG TERM profits, you can count on. What do you have to lose??

How does training work?
We offer unlimited training at our home store. Though we do ask that you schedule ahead, this is based on availability. You can send one tech at a time, for as many days as you need. salon pass holders get EXCLUSIVE once a year, full day classes. AT YOUR SALON. convenient, up-to-date continuing education for your entire salon to keep you in the know! We also go to all 4 quadrants of the US for the big beauty shows, and our pass holders get access to these full day classes as well. ($150 pp reg price!) We would also like to encourage you to call us for customized, reasonable quotes for anytime classes at YOUR salon, additionally... (for example specialized training, or mass training of new hires) One-on-one help is what we strive to provide!
What are the requirements?

The only things we require at this time is that you be a licensed salon and that you agree to the Terms & Conditions, including our Pinky Promise.